5 Star Review by Anti-Snore Devices Website


Please feel free to read the full article, see link below. Please note a few things, the review is  a few years old of the former version of the Sona Pillow, note the newest version of the Sona Pillow is slightly smaller and now made from memory foam and an ultra-soft pillow case improving comfort. 

Highlights from the Review: 

Design Pros:

  • This pillow rises in the center so that you cannot turn over. You will have to choose a side and sleep in that side of the pillow. There is no way you will snore because you will have to wake up to change your position.

Does it stop the snore?

Yes. If it is not stopped it will be considerably lessened but in order to achieve the results you are looking for, you have to follow every step strictly, this means that you have to sleep on one side all night and keep your arm stretched under the pillow. If you already sleep in a similar position you will have no problems. Besides, it was released in the market after several independent tests.


I personally think it is not a product made for everyone. Some people need more than repositioning to stop snoring. If you decide to buy it, remember to be patient as you will need some time to get used to it.

What should I do?

You are the only person that knows that answer. It may benefit the sleep of some people, but it maybe does not work for you, this is something that applies to everything because we are all different.

See full 5 Star Review https://www.anti-snoring-devices.net/sona-anti-snore-pillow-review