About Sona Pillow

Historical Timeline of the Sona Pillow®

Sona Pillow is an invention of a curious and never satisfied Harvard medical school educated Neurologist M.D. who was involved in running many sleep studies who noticed that by creating a pillow the shape of the Sona Pillow®, it positions your body in the most optimal sleeping position to clear your breathing airway.  Makes sense right?  This patent holder and inventor then had the product available at major retailer nation wide selling millions of pillows starting since the pillows launch in 2004.   

From 2004 to the early 2010’s 
Millions of pillows sold 

Patent holder/pillow owner got busy with his Neurology practice helping people and stopped selling the pillows years ago and the supply chain eventually dried up completely these last few years where it is impossible for people to find a REAL Sona Pillow®. 


In 2018 the Patent holder decided to do a test run and sold out of all the pillows in a flash in a short time, we built up a webstore and began promoting the pillows existence in the market again. We sold out faster than expected. 


In 2019 we did a larger production run and the pillows are innovated now made from New Age Memory Foam with a much softer pillow case then the old pillow case with its infamous blue and white stripes.  The pillows are an ultra-soft solid sky blue soft pillow case that comes with the pillow. 
We’ve been having people who are hunting all around the internet checking back in with us every day relieved to tears that they found the official source of the actual Sona Pillow.  We are excited to assist all the people who have bought a Sona Pillow these last 15 years and are interested in refreshing their pillow and trying the latest model the Sona Pillow® Classic. 
Due to this overwhelming demand these last years, the Sona Pillow® patent owner decided to get back into it and every time since early 2018.  We are now in the process of connecting with national retail distribution outlets for expanding our distribution. 
So if you are a retail store physical or online and you are interested in selling the Sona Pillow® contact us directly at