Doctor Zuber’s Origin of Pillow

History behind the products that Sona Pillow® O model, it was designed by Dr. Adam Zuber a multiple board-certified neurologist and sleep specialist.

Doctor Zuber is a Harvard graduate and a neurologist with specialized fellowship training in sleep medicine and sleep disorders from UCLA. Doctor Zuber is a world renowned highly acclaimed sleep specialist and frequently lectures to other neurologists and sleep disorders specialty conferences around the world and in the United States. Doctor Zuber initially invented and patented the Sona Pillow®, million pillows were sold around the world. This pillow was FDA approved as a medical device for snoring and sleep apnea. Doctor Zuber had done multiple studies at Reno institutions proving the efficacy and the effectiveness of the Sona Pillow®.

Doctor Zuber also discovered the specific positioning of the jaw and the head which when laying on one side with the head facing downwards and using the specific products as the Sona Pillow® and the Sona Pillow® O model move the jaw forward awarding retro positioning of the jaw which prevents the abstraction leading to sleep apnea and snoring. This specific position is trademarked as Sona Positioning® and is protected by the trademark treaties. Since the initial presentation of Sona Pillow®, below this specific pillow and specific Sona Positioning® has been cited in nearly 1000 medical studies. It is now considered to be the standard of care for alleviating snoring and sleep apnea.

It has always been Dr. Zuber’s belief that the proper positioning of the jaw utilizing the sooner positioning method prevents snoring and sleep apnea. Lateral positioning and sooner positioning has been shown to be beneficial in preventing sleep apnea, providing better sustained sleep. Possibly as part of management off hypertension stroke snoring bruxism obesity memory dysfunction and even preeclampsia in pregnant women. With a detailed medical studies and extensive medical knowledge of sleep disorders Doctor Zuber patented multiple pillows which alleviate and help with the same.

The Sona Pillow® O model is now the second iteration of the sort of device with use of the trade marked Sona Positioning®. The Super Pillow® is extremely unique and provides multiple benefits including providing us mood trademarked surface and design which prevents aging and wrinkling of the skin.


Using regular pillows and pillows with fiberfill causes wrinkling of the skin because of creases in the pillow cases and pillows themselves. That is why people who sleep on one side of the face is always more noticeably wrinkled done the other side and leads to facial asymmetric and advanced aging look on individuals.

The best position would be to sleep on your back but that is not always possible but this super bill is specifically made for that also because it has a central indentation which forms a cradle for the head to rest while lying on your back. The gradual incline of the pillow with the cradle forms a perfect position for back sleepers. Four people sleeping on the side the cradle serves as a perfect position to cradle your ear and that prevents compression of the ear and discomfort caused by laying on one side. 

The central cradling indentation of the Sona Pillow® O model promotes maintaining one position all night long. So u sleep on one side and wake up on the same side. Well rested no facial lines from the other pillows sold by the infomercials like car salesman with no training and no background in sleep medicine.


Dr. Zuber on the other hand has immense accolades as a highly trained professor and teacher and acclaimed inventor. The patented design off the Sona Pillow® O model moves the jaw forward and maintains the face in the proper sooner positioning and prevents retrognathia and backward positioning of the jaw and mandible preventing obstruction, snoring, grinding of the teeth and possibly preventing sleep apnea.


The central indentation is made for accommodating a blue tooth speaker for sleep machine and relaxing sleep promoting sounds and scents available on our Sona Pillow® O model website store. These serve as natural and tested relaxing sounds and smells which help in promoting faster sleep onset and alleviate insomnia and anxiety and ease the relaxation process promoting sleep onset.