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Sona Pillow® by Remarkable Life USA™. Side sleeping pillow that eliminates snoring using Sona Positioning™

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From the Snorer: 4 out of 5. While comfortable it is difficult to move to while sleeping. You have to remember to slide the pillow when switching sides. ByM. Geiger
M. Geiger

Stop Snoring!
By Joan on
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Try this pillow it works!!

Great idea.
By Susan Schultz
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I love this pillow. It is extremely comfortable & has decreased my snoring. I was scheduled to get a breathing machine & now I don’t have to.
Susan Schultz

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I am a side sleeper and I often find that my arm gets numb. I was looking for the right pillow …..I have tried several. This pillow works well for me. The pillow is a bit hard, but I got used to it. It also makes for a firm back rest when sitting up in bed. It can be used to raise your feet also or under your knees. If you like soft downey pillows, it will take you a while to get used to this one. The pillow has been effective in keeping my arm from “falling asleep” before I do……so I highly recommend.

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