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Worldclass Anti-Snore pillow Try a Sona Pillow® Classic for Side Sleepers

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How do I use the Sona Pillow®?

Worldclass Anti-Snore pillow Try a Sona Pillow® Classic for Side Sleepers

The official Sona Pillow® Classic has helped millions of people stop snoring and often reduce Sleep Apnea with the use of Sona Positioning™

The Sona Pillow® is a patented pillow made to be used for sleeping on one’s side. While laying on your side, extend the arm you are lying on under you head in the arm recess. Use a king sized pillow to hug while sleeping on your side.

The Sona Pillow® has two inclined sides and the curved side should always face the user. While sleeping on either side the user should extend their arm under the head and have the head facing downwards. This moves the jaw forward because of gravity and being in an inclined position, known as Sona Positioning®.

The users face should be facing downwards on either side with the arm extended underneath. The pillow, alternatively, may also be used by replacing your arm under the pillow with a rolled up small towel in the recess to maintain the shape and function when used, as some people have difficulty extending their arm.

The use of the Sona Pillow® has to be learnt and may take a few days, hugging a long pillow may help maintain the side sleeping position.  If pillow is too high, place a weight on it for a few days to settle the filling. 

Alternate for such individuals is to use the Sona Pillow® O model.

How do I use the Sona Pillow® O model?

The Sona Pillow® O model is an elliptical pillow which can be used while laying on your back or one’s side. The elliptical surface is the user surface and the base surface has the flat base and space for speaker/ scent packets/amulets/prayers/money or keepsake.

Back sleepers rest their neck on the inclined surface while the users head raised and the back of the head is resting comfortably in the central indentation at the top of the pillow, providing an optimal sleep position.

Side sleepers lay on their side with the side of their head in the central indentation, which provides a recess for the ear, the head should face downwards towards the base. This provides the optimal position for side sleepers and may prevent snoring.


– Use pillow while laying on your side or back.
– While on your side, the ear should be in or around the central indentation.
– While on your back, the back of the head should be in the central indentation.
– The curved surface of the pillow is the top, always use that surface to lay on.
– While laying on your side or your stomach, your arm can be on either side of the pillow underneath the curved edges.
– While lying sideways your face should be pointing towards the bed.
– All memory foam pillows should be aired out adequately prior to using, as it is sealed in a protective cover and plastic case.
– BlueTooth Speaker / Scent Packets, can be placed in the central recess under the pillow and are sold separately.

How does the Sona Pillow® O model and Sona Pillow® stop snoring?

Sona Pillow® and the Sona Pillow® O model both use the trademarked Sona Positioning®, which places the jaw forward and prevents retropositioning of the mandible, this leads to prevention of obstruction of the air way, reducing snoring and opening the back of the throat.

How does the Sona Pillow® O model promote side sleeping?

The Sona Pillow® O model uses the Sona Positioning® to gradually place the users head in a comfortable side sleeping position opening the airway as one uses the pillow, this occurs because of the patented inclined shape of the pillow.

The Sona Pillow® O model when used in the side sleeping position also has a central indentation to cradle the ear which helps maintain the side position.

How does the Sona Pillow® O model help back sleepers?

The Sona Pillow® O model comfortably allows the back sleeper to be in the optimal position, as the central indentation of the pillow cradles the back of the head and the gradual incline raises the head preventing acid reflux and neck strain.

Is the Sona Pillow ® to be used for side sleeping?

Worldclass Anti-Snore pillow Try a Sona Pillow® Classic for Side Sleepers

The official Sona Pillow® Classic has helped millions of people stop snoring and reduce their Sleep Apnea with the use of Sona Positioning™

The Sona Pillow® is specifically made for people to sleep on their side and is patented to use the Sona Positioning® method, which prevents snoring and, in studies, prevents and helps alleviate mild to moderate sleep apnea.

The Sona Pillow® consists of a double inclined surface with the user laying on their side and the lower arm extending under the head in the arm recess.

How does the Sona Pillow® O model and Sona Pillow® prevent grinding teeth?

Both of these pillows promote sleeping on one side, with their face inclined downwards, this causes gravity to move the jaw forward and prevent grinding of the teeth and bruxism. In people who snore and grind their teeth, the retropositioning, or moving back of the jaw leads to obstruction of the throat. During sleep the body and mind automatically tries to overcome this obstruction and we clench our teeth together to try to maintain the jaw forward which leads to the grinding of teeth and bruxism. This is worse on ones back and is avoided by the correct utilization of the Sona Pillow® and the Sona Pillow® O model

Use with CPAP

For side sleepers, both these pillows are made to be CPAP compatible. The inclined formation of both Sona Pillow® and the Sona Pillow® O model makes CPAP usage more comfortable. These pillows also prevent CPAP leaks. Regular pillows are okay to use with CPAP only while laying on one’s back, but when one attempts to use a regular flat pillow with CPAP with a side sleeping position, the CPAP dislodges from the face and CPAP seal is broken and starts leaking. This is why the Sona Pillow® and the Sona Pillow® O model are perfect for side sleepers using CPAP.

Are pillow cases washable?

Pillow cases of both the Sona Pillow® and the Sona Pillow® O model are machine washable with like colors, non-chlorine bleach may be used if needed. Machine dry with medium heat, no ironing required. The Sona Pillow® itself can be machine washed and dried and fluffed before using. The Sona Pillow® O model is made of specialized superior grade memory foam and should be hand wiped with a wet cloth, cleaning chemicals are not recommended.

Facial Wrinkle prevention with Sona Pillow® O model, how does it happen?

Facial wrinkles occur when one sleeps on regular pillows on their side, this occurs with either fiber filled or down filled pillows. The worse is pillows, which have internal harder fillings like those filled with polyurethane foam, which makes it smell and is shredded into different sized pieces and shapes. This sort of internal material, combined with a pillow case that is made of fabric that crinkles and leaves impressions on one’s face, lead to worsening of facial wrinkles, not just related to normal aging. The Sona Pillow® O model prevents this by using multiple methods. In a back sleeping position the head is raised and in an inclined position, this drains any puffiness from the users face and maintains the best position to avoid wrinkles while laying on ones back. This position on ones back is also assisted and made more comfortable by the central indentation which cradles the back of the head and keeping the users neck aligned.

For side sleepers, the Sona Pillow® O model has a patented design and a smooth velvet cover which is specially formulated for this purpose, this cover does not wrinkle and cause creases. Also the specialized memory foam construction of the pillow and the patented shape of the pillow prevents sagging and settling of the pillow as one never sleeps on the same part due to its circular shape. The Sona Pillow‘s® O model memory foam construction and the specialized cover, is smooth and (unlike lumpy bumpy pillows with crinkly surfaces) offers a completely neutral weight distribution of the face, avoiding facial wrinkles and pillow case wrinkles. Sona Pillow® O model also avoids snoring and possibly sleep apnea, which leads to buffeting of the face, extra sleepiness, weight gain, and dark circles around the eyes.

How to use the sleepiness scale?

The Epworth Sleepiness scale is a standardized manner of grading an individual’s sleepiness and should be used before starting use of the Sona Pillow® and the Sona Pillow® O model before after a few months use. This scale is used prior to sleep studies and in evaluation to numerically identify excessive sleepiness. This grading provides the user with a quantitative measure of having better sleep obtained by using the Sona Pillow® and Sona Pillow® O model. We are conducting research and collecting data with sleep studies, more data will be published soon. No names or personal information will ever be published or divulged publicly, and any information collected is for the use of research and wellbeing of all individuals.

About Remarkable Life USA

Sona Pillow® O Model Anti-Snore, Anti-Wrinkle, Anti-Aging Pillows

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Worldclass Anti-Snore pillow Try a Sona Pillow® Classic for Side Sleepers

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Does Remarkable Life USA support medical research?

Multiple research projects are underway, we as a company are based on the principles of promoting health and improving life for everyone. Entities interested in using our products for the greater gain should contact our customer service department for more information. We encourage all users of the Sona Pillow® and the Super Pillow® to write to us about the benefits obtained and fill the sleepiness questionnaire before and after use so we can collect real time data and publish as reference for medical research.

Underlying thought process of the developer and inventor of the Sona Pillow® and Super Pillow®.

It is the belief of Dr. Z, as a world renowned Sleep Specialist, Neurologist and an avid promotor of healthy lifestyles, that snoring and sleep apnea is a spectrum of the same disease. With this as an underlying premise, positional therapy corrects most snoring and sleep apnea in adults, and should be the first measure taken when one snores. This is achieved by utilizing the trademarked Sona Positioning® method implemented in the Sona Pillow® and the Super Pillow®. If using these pillows does not help or other salient features of sleep apnea are present, then a sleep specialist should be consulted. Dr. Z always gives an example of simple headaches, we first use over the counter medications before rushing to hospital for a CT scan and spinal tap (although in circumstances that may be needed also). So the first measure taken before doing a sleep study on everyone who snores, is to use the Sona Pillow ® and Super Pillow®. This approach is logical, cost effective and easier to implement. Plus, using the pillows is very easy to get used to.

About Dr. Z the inventor of Sona Pillow®, Super Pillow® and Sona Positioning® Dr. Z is a world renowned, Harvard educated Neurologist and Sleep Specialist, with fellowship training from UCLA in Sleep Disorders. Dr. Z is highly motivated about innovative and noninvasive measures to help people with snoring and sleep apnea. Dr. Z is a highly educated and quoted neurologist in the country. Unlike other pillows sold for sleep assistance, Dr. Z brings massive research and experience as a Sleep Specialist and Director of multiple sleep labs in USA, which provides him with the wealth of experience and research based sleep specialist’s knowledge to make these exceptional patented pillows for one of the best sleeps ever. Dr. Z frequently lectures other sleep specialists about sleep disorders and has been published in multiple medical journals, his research has been referenced as the basis of multitudes of other articles and medical research. Dr. Z is the one that initiated the use of the Sona Pillow® as a treatment of snoring and sleep apnea in his ground breaking article, and since then millions of people have been helped by his research.  Marketing, website and branding has been produced by Elettro Marketing.


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