Reduce grinding teeth during sleep

Bruxism Grinding Teeth Solution: Super Pillow™

Grinding of the teeth is a major cause of tooth decay and bruxism is a direct cause of cavities and breakage and grinding down of the teeth. This happens because your body while laying on your back is trying to prevent choking, sleep apnea and snoring because when one is laying on the back the jaw moves back and causes obstruction of the throat, this is a direct effect of the retrognathia and mandible moving back.  We recommend trying our pillows, the  Super Pillow ® & Sona Pillow® as a part of your early noninvasive attempts at improving your situation and enriching your days with energy and quality sleep.

To prevent choking and the jaw from moving back the body automatically grinds the teeth together to avoid this and that leads to all the teeth problems and bruxism and TMJ pain which is Temporal mandibular joint pain is directly related to this.

Try our pillows 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee, try it, see if it works, let us know your story.

More Information: Super Pillow ® & Sona Pillow®


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