Your sleep is making you lose your mind


Sleeping is a very important part of our homeostasis, which is basically the well-being of our body functions.  All living organisms need sleep.  It is not just the quantity (time) of sleep.  But, is basically the quality of sleep which makes a difference in how restful it is.

People who snore have disrupted sleeping and show common characteristic features.  These include excessive daytime sleepiness, non-restorative sleeping, poor memory and other frequently seen medical dysfunctions.  These include heart disease, heart attack, high blood pressure and obesity.  Evaluation of sleep and sleep apnea is an essential part of a dementia workup.

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We consolidate memory by our brain during NON-REM sleeping at night.  Sleeping consists of non REM (rapid eye movement) and REM sleeping which occurs every 90 minutes and this is where our mind is active and the body is resting and rejuvenating.  NON-REM sleeping is the rest of our sleep. 

The news media only talks about REM sleeping and not the non-REM sleeping.  But it should be realized that NON-REM sleeping is just as important as REM sleeping and is the major part of our sleeping period.  This is where your Short-Term memory converts into Long-Term memory.  And this is quite similar to a computer downloading and updating its memory.

Tired female in bed not getting sleep while her mate snores and sleeps.
Wake up – Tired couple touch the alarm clock while they are sleeping in bed.

Snoring occurs because the jaw moves back and causes obstruction in the back of the throat.  This leads to blockage of airflow, this causes lack of oxygen flowing to the brain.  Which instantly wakes up the brain and causes a disruption in your sleeping.  This causes your sleeping to interrupt and the mind to wake up.  It may not be sufficient for the individual to wake up completely but is enough to still disrupt your sleeping.  This may be happening every time you sleep and all night long. 


This primary obstruction of air flow to your lungs during your sleeping is overcome by using the Sona Pillows®. Because they utilize Sona Positioning ®, which is when we lay down sideways on the Sona pillow your head is facing downwards which moves your jaw forward automatically and without any mechanical intervention.  Most importantly, this position prevents the obstruction of air flow which occurs in people who snore. Also to those who have sleep apnea.  In other words, this leads to longer, restful and restorative sleeping which your memory requires to function properly.

So don’t lose your mind instead keep your memory great and refreshed by using the Sona Pillow.

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Written by Sleep Specialist Physician.  All material is copywritten.