Sona Pillow Club

Interested in never being without your Sona Pillow again?

How about a new Sona Pillow delivered to your door every 6  to 12 months automatically mailed to you? 

Sona Pillow is back and we’re wanting to make sure our most loyal daily use customers are treated with the highest priority. 

After constant requests from customers telling us that this subscription based service would be “Nice to Have” …so in spirit of listening to our customers, here it is!! 

What you get when you join the subscription service…..

A Sona Pillow Classic or Sona Pillow O mailed to your shipping address once every 6 or 12 months.  That way you have the freshest newest pillow experience.   

Basic Details: 
Select which product you wish to have automatically shipped to your address every 6 or 12 months. 

  • Sona Pillow® Classic
  • Sona Pillow® O

You will be automatically billed at the frequency you chose to receive a Sona Pillow®.   

You can cancel your subscription at anytime you’d like by emailing customer service.