Sona Pillow® O Model – The Anti-Aging & Anti-Wrinkle Solution

Super Pillow™ Anti-Snore, Anti-Wrinkle, Anti-Aging Pillows

Anti aging and Anti wrinkle

The  Sona Pillow® O model is an anti aging pillow. We sleep on a wrinkle causing pillow 8 hours a day which is one third of our life we are causing wrinkles to form. Wrinkles occur from sleeping on all pillows which have creases on them. Creases cause lines to form on the face which leads to wrinkles. All pillows when used in the side sleeping position will lead to wrinkles because of the pillow materials and the covers and the pillow cases. All pillows have covers and cases which wrinkle when sleeping and lying on the side. Creases happen naturally in fabrics because of the folding of fabrics from pressing down of the face while a person’s face is pressing down on the pillow on the side. The  Sona Pillow® O model ameliorates and resolves this issue by using the patented design and the original trademarked Sona Positioning®. The specifically designed pillow and the material maintains the users face in a comfortable wrinkle preventative position. Regular pillows and even worse are pillows with internal structures which force creases on your face like pillows promoted heavily on Tv etc have internal or surface structures and wrinkle causing surfaces and cause creases to form on the face which become permanent. The wrinkle causing effect of regular pillow is easily evident when u see people who are side sleepers with one side of the face more wrinkled than the other side because that is the side they sleep on.

Sleep positioning and the pillows causing wrinkles is a well known fact and a secret among supermodels and fashion icons everywhere. It is recommended to sleep on your back to avoid this. This specific position is well achieved by the superpillow when used in either sleeping on the side and while sleeping on your back.

The  Sona Pillow® O model works best for back sleepers and provides anti-aging and wrinkle prevention, while sleeping on your back the pillow has a central indentation which cradles the vertex of the head to comfortably position and the gradual incline elevates the head thus achieving maximum benefit from laying on your back. The specific density of the super pillow provides optimum positioning for a comfortable non disrupted sleep without need of moving side to side to change position. This position helps back sleepers get the most wrinkle and puffiness avoidance possible with the correct usage of the  Sona Pillow® O model.

Most people are side sleepers and the Sona Pillow® O model is optimally designed for this lateral position and provides the specific surface to prevent wrinkles and anti-aging benefit. The  Sona Pillow® O model places the head in the trademarked Sona Positioning® and cradles the ear and the side of the head in the central indentation thus softening any pressure on the side of the head. The face gradually positions on the inclined surface of the pillow and the specific consistent density of the pillow provides an even non crinkling surface for the face. This avoids creases from forming on the face and maintain a wrinkle free face and avoid puffiness. This also prevents snoring which on its own causes wrinkles because of constant buffeting of the facial tissues.

The Sona Pillow® O model also is anti-aging because it does not get fatigued due to its proprietary density and surface. The Sona Pillow® O model patented circular shape leads to presentation of always a new surface to sleep on, so there is no facial and head impression permanently indented into the pillow as seen with usage of other memory foam pillows.

The anti-aging benefits do not end here, but are even more exaggerated by preventing snoring and possible sleep apnea and providing restful sleep which extends our life and provide vigor and energy during the daytime. This not only lead to a longer healthier life but more fruitful and happy living.

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