Sona Pillow® O model enables you to use soothing sounds

Beautiful little girl sleeping deeply on her Super Pillow™

Soothing sounds from the Sona Pillow® O, the pillow has a space for a wireless blue tooth speaker for use with sleep app promoting restful sound and relaxation techniques.  The base of the pillow is made with an indentation for a BlueTooth speaker.  Soothe yourself to sleep.  Do you enjoy listening to music, tv shows, movies, or white noise sounds when you are trying to go to sleep?  Risk-free you can try a Sona Pillow®, see if it works for you. Millions of people have used a Sona Pillow Classic with extreme dedication.  Many of these people religiously sleep with a Sona Pillow® because it works for them.  

Compare both the Sona Pillows. 

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Soothing sounds

Add soothing sounds to your sleep

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