Sound Therapy, Combat sleepless nights.

Sona Pillow® O Model Comfort for a better sleep no matter the sleeping position

Sound Therapy to get to sleep faster

Sona Pillow® has a unique patented feature of a recessed area in the bottom of the pillow.  So, this enables you to place a BlueTooth speaker for sound/music therapy.  Because now you can use your own phone to trigger sounds & music.  So, that you can listen in maximum comfort while you fall asleep.  No longer do you need any headphones.  Set the volume level so low that others around you don’t have to hear your audio. 

Did you know it takes approximately seven minutes for the average person to fall asleep.  Imagine all the people with snoring aid devices and CPAP machinery on their face with the attempt of assisting their breathing while they sleep.  And how much longer it takes you to fall asleep and your chances of being woken up easier from smaller distractions.  Because of your inability to get truly comfortable. 


Every person has to take days to weeks to acclimate to sleeping with a CPAP, that is fact.  So why not try a pillow that encourages a sleeping position that could possibly reduce or remove your snoring completely.  It is a no-brainer strategy to see if you can simply use a pillow to solve your sleeping issues.   

Connect your phone to pillow

Turn on sounds or music and use audio to enjoy your ‘head to pillow’ time.  Who doesn’t like to fall asleep as fast as possible? Our goal is to enrich each and every customer’s life and the life of the people around them.  Because with can improve society by creating millions of well rested Americans!  

BlueTooth Speakers are Sold Separately

Sound music therapy sleep quicker deeper

Sound and music therapy to get you to sleep quicker and deeper


Sound music therapy sleep quicker deeper

Sona Pillow® O model Audio Therapy Plays sounds from your pillow!

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