Introducing the Space Age Memory Foam Pillow That Does It All!

Sona Pillow O® Most Comfortable Pillow In The World

Look at what we found, the Sona Pillow® O memory foam pillow.  

This unique pillow design patent is made of new age memory foam. As a result, there is no smell.  The Pillow does not compress like other memory foam pillows from a person’s body heat. So, these pillows do not become cruddy or hard with usage.  Because it’s not the last generation’s foam pillow from the past which was made by NASA in 1966 for the lunar landing.  This is a new we continually improve our memory foam that provides excellent neck and back support.  

This is the latest space age pillow that does it all.  Guaranteed to be the best sleep you have ever had, period.  Sona Pillow® prevents snoring and stops wrinkle formation because of creases from other pillows.  Sleep promoting ambient sound with a compact BlueTooth speaker and calming scent packets.  It helps you to fall asleep through comfort, smell, mind and sound. 

Sona Pillow® O model Side View Anti-Wrinkle Anti-Snore Memory Foam Pillow

Use this pillow to improve sleep, Anti-Snore pillow

Sleep Position

No matter what your sleep position is this pillow provides support for that position, therefore if you are a stomach, side or back sleeper, this pillow provides the proper support to unlock a better night’s sleep.   Face on pillow sleepers, you want to minimize wrinkles by using these Sona Pillows®.  

Sona Positioning® came about by a Harvard medical school graduate and active practicing neurologist running and involved with hundreds of sleep studies. He figured out that with this positioning it maximizes the opening of the airways while sleeping. Sona Positioning® also reduces and removes snoring and sleep apnea in one of the most effective ways we’ve seen in current times.  


Sona Pillow® O Model Anti-Snore, Anti-Wrinkle, Anti-Aging Pillows

Sona Pillow® O Model invented and patented by esteemed Harvard graduate neurologist.

Nothing Up Your Nose

Because of this sleep positioning technique the Sona Pillows® use. These pillows provide the most benefit that Sona Positioning® has to offer without any obstructions to your sleep. So many anti-snore products on the market are these evasive things you have to wear. In your mouth or strapped to your face and are supremely uncomfortable.  

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