Stimulate your sense, with a pillow!

If you answered NO, then you should be using the revolutionary patented Sona Pillow® O.  

Stimulate with the sense of Hearing by calming ambient background sound through exclusively placed blue tooth speaker. 

Also, simulate your sense of Smell by the special calming scents which promote sleeping. 

Importantly, stimulate your sense of Touch by the exclusive ultra fine velvet case which also prevents wrinkles. 

Lastly, your sense of Comfort is provided by ergonomic shape which alleviates pressure points, prevents snoring. It also provides comfortable neck positioning and promotes side sleeping position.

Stimulate your sense with a Sona Pillow®

The new Sona Pillow O can stimulate your senses

The new Sona Pillow O®  is effective in promoting restful consolidated sleep.  The revolutionary design helps with sleeping in any position. The Sona Pillow® O conforms to your head and neck for the best ergonomic location.  This revolutionary pillow will change your life.  Patented and developed by Harvard educated US Board-Certified neurologist and Sleep Specialist

People Celebrating No More Snoring, stimulate their sense with a Sona Pillow®

Group of Diverse People Celebrating No More Snoring together

Sona Positioning®

Sona Pillow® implements the Sona Positioning® sleep technique that rests the head in a certain way that opens your breathing airways without any physical items needing to be worn.  This technic also reduces or completely eliminates snoring and sleep apnea.  100s of studies show that Sona Positioning®Pillows reduce Sleep Apnea to the point in some case people may no longer need a CPAP. If a person doesn’t use a CPAP, they can still use a Sona Pillow® Classic or Sona Pillow® O.  All of these pillows are CPAP Friendly and compatible. 

Sleeping Issues? 

If you are in the situation where you have had to consult with sleep specialists from snoring or sleep apnea, one of the most least expensive solutions is to try the Sona Pillows®. See if how they reposition your body they improve your air flow and reduce your issues and discomfort.  Remember when you snore it affects you and the person next to you.  See if you can fix your situation and improve your sleep for you and the one next to you every night.